Not only framework, but active service management

We have customer-focus approach to deliver service management of information technology and networks.

Alwee’s Managed Services ensures your IT services are effective, efficient and aligned to your business long term objectives.

Based on our experience of different industry sectors, we can say that just deploying global frameworks, tools and processes does not result in automatic adherence to industry best practices. Alwee’s Service Management ensures not only that these global frameworks, tools and processes are successfully deployed but also that they are actively utilised and managed.

It is vital that your application platform and network infrastructure is managed in most robust way irrespective of operating operational and or service delivery model.

Engaging Alwee’s to manage your IT services will improve:

  • Cost-effectiveness and financial performance through CapEx & OpEx Optimisation: this includes reducing non-discretionary spending, getting more out of investment and improving performance.
  • Business and IT alignment: we ensure that IT function is aligned to your business strategy, which in turn ensures you accomplish your business goals.
  • Reduced risk: we reduced the risk to minimum level by implementing standardised operation approach.
  • Improved end-user experience: continuously identifying improvement opportunities and driving service and delivery metrics.
  • Benefit Realisation: This is achieved through robust CSI processes

Alwee’s can manage IT services as part of a wider outsourcing contract or independently. We can even provide a health check of your existing managed services regime.

Our business-led approach to IT managed services is based on our "assess, recommend and act" principles and is designed to:

  • Provide transparency and visibilityof your IT services by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks before establishing performance metrics.
  • Create a single point of contactfor operational management of the IT enterprise for enhanced user experience.
  • Reduce manual work and human errorfor better response and fix time for incidents and requests.
  • Implement a cross-supplier and cross-function operations modelthat drives alignment with the business. With reduced incidents, problems and fire-fighting, this drives down non-discretionary IT spending.
  • Implement a reporting solutionfor transparency of internal  and supplier IT operations. This allows intense focus on key issues and opportunities so you can focus on your business priorities.

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