NLP forms the basis of most forms of transformational coaching today and is a mixture of methodology, quantum physics and psychology.

Its an art as well as a psychological science. Performance experts describe it as the ultimate performance psychology since you can almost change or recondition anything in the human mind to create changes in the way people think, feel and behave and as a consequence, transform their results in life.

Its been used since time began by all successful people, whether they’ve known it or not, but was discovered in its current form in 1970. It teaches a way to achieve everything you want from life, more effortlessly and easily. Whatever you want from life, the answer lies within what you need to change about what you’re currently doing in order to get it. It ends with an ability to affect and influence others around you in a positive way. NLP is used in businesses all around the world, to accelerate performance; in therapy or coaching to create rapid transformations and used by individuals to achieve their personal goals and create the lives they want to lead.

In brief, it’s a way of taking control of your brain, your behaviour and your results, ensuring you what you prefer to get out of life.  It’s as simple and as complicated as that!

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